See what clients are saying about Awaken Sound Health.

...the power of sound is immeasurable. The vibration heals, comforts, and builds awareness. You possess a gift worth sharing.
— Bette C.

Alison has a unique gift, connecting with sound to enable healing and relaxation in others. She provides you with comfort within her studio and pays particular attention to your individual needs and current situation. Coming into her studio with an agitated healing hamstring due to a yoga induced injury, and anxiety pertaining to life changes and instability, Alison was able to soothe not only the physical pain occurring in my leg but also the tension hidden deep within myself. Alison has the ability to compose unique combinations of healing modalities through sound that is extremely authentic and effective within her practice. I would urge anyone to allow themselves the opportunity and gift to be seen and treated by Alison, as she is highly devoted to her mission to heal others through sound and sound vibration.
— Julie

We LOVED our family sound bath! We felt a lot lighter and also felt a lot of heavy toxins exit following our bath. Very grateful to have had that experience and to know you!
— Danielle Aspromatis

The Vibrational Sound Therapy session that I received was very relaxing and enlightening. I could feel and hear the sounds of the tuning bowls as they entered into and around my body bringing me to the state of relaxation that I needed. I traveled outside my body and received messages. It helped to release blockages and open my heart space. At the end of the session, my body felt lighter, peacefulness and complete love. I highly recommend a vibrational sound therapy session.
— Andy

You HAVE to experience this to believe it as words cannot describe the transformation. 1 hour in Alison’s caring hands made my stress, anxiety and physical aches disappear. I feel amazing, centered and grounded. Alison is a true healer.
— Alayne

To me, attending a sound bath is like getting a massage for your mind, heart, and soul. There’s a sense of calm and rejuvenation from all that emerges from a session...It’s happened at every one that I have attended, and that’s been quite a lot.

A private session takes that feeling to a whole other level. Alison somehow manages to zoom right in on where I need energy attention and redirection. The effects from it are remarkable and last much longer than just that day. Everyone, from children to the elderly, would benefit from either or both a group or private session.
— Ellen

I feel every time I have a sound healing experience that all the cells in my body are flushed out and cleansed.
— Love and Light, Jim Conroy

The sound bath (VST session) was wonderful; very relaxing to the point that I was in a deep relaxing state and almost asleep. Alison was very attentive and provided options for me to prevent my back injury from being aggravated. The set up was very comfortable and zen like environment. I have a very stressful job and came after work and feel that I left more relaxed.
— Michelle

My sound healing experiences at Alison’s Sound Baths have been the most relaxing and revitalizing times I can remember. Whatever I am going through at the time, I feel healed in body, soothed in mind, and inspired in spirit. The calming effects continue for days. I believe that deep-seated issues have also been permanently evaporated.

Unlike “talk” or even other energy medicine therapies, the sounds that she intuitively brings forth with the various instruments go straight into my heart and my whole being. Alison uses not only many instruments but she also sings with the voice of an angel. The abundance of sounds by-pass my rational mind and I have the confidence that I am vibrating at a higher level in all parts of my life. This was an unexpected and most welcome outcome.

I heartily recommend putting yourself into Alison’s gentle presence for this amazing experience!
— Ms. Basia Alexander

The (VST) session was so relaxing. I loved the vibration of the bowls. It felt like a healing energy sent throughout my body and I could let go of the continuous train of thoughts.
— Kristina

Thank you for a beautiful bath yesterday! It was such a beautiful day for it and I enjoyed the afternoon in my bones! I slept extremely well.
— Laurie Berke

I have experienced a few sound baths offered by Alison and I enjoyed every one of them.

I like the name, Sound Bath; It really works like one! The sounds are soothing, relaxing, calming. I felt like being bathed in harmony and love. The effects lasted long after each session; I felt happy, balanced and whole.

I am very blessed that I found Alison and her gift of music!
— M.L.

The (VST) session was very relaxing and took me from a state of constant urgency to a place where I could slow down and give myself the time I need to relax and let all that has been happening in my life have a chance to be processed. Alison has a wonderfully gentle way of making you feel comfortable and cared for. The space where she offers the therapy is very nice!

The Vibrational Sound Therapy seemed to calm me on many levels.
— Anna

Sound Therapy is a wonderful treat for both your mind and body. I feel like my imagination is stimulated while my whole body is relaxed into almost a dreamy sleep-like state. Very visual imagery...calming, clearing and colorful. I kept bringing myself back to the bed, so I wouldn’t miss the session by falling asleep. I wanted to be sure to be present to fully experience the benefits! No matter what your mental or physical state, I would highly recommend a session to anyone.
— Ellen F.

The moment the bowls touched my feet, I knew I loved it. I feel like my vibration has been raised. All my cells feel really happy. It was a deep meditative release, like lightening up. I feel like I had unhealthy belief systems that evaporated. I feel great.
— Basia Alexander

Fantastic experience. Incredibly relaxing. Walked in feeling frazzled and walked out floating. Highly recommend. Alison is amazing.
— Ilisa

My first Vibrational Sound Therapy session was absolutely amazing. Alison is a gifted practitioner and helped me reach a level of relaxation I had not experienced before. Having fairly severe scoliosis, I am not usually able to feel the flow of energy throughout my whole spine. During the therapy session, the sensation of energy throughout my spine was one I had never before experienced. Never before has a therapeutic treatment been so effective!
— Carol

My sound bath (private VST session) with Alison was a very powerful experience for me. It was healing, stimulating, relaxing, and informative from a spiritual level. Alison is extremely talented and she took the time afterwards to speak to me to process all the messages we both received. I felt safe and grounded in her space and I intend on coming back in the future to do some more healing work with her. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a powerful sound healing experience!
— Alexis Liastro