Humming Along

I bath in soft fall sunshine as I walk, and I feel ripples of peace wash over me, I feel joy bubbling up from my toes. I am vibrating; I am humming along. This is the song of my heart, it is the expression of my soul in appreciation for this beautiful, beautiful day.

My heart has sung many different kinds of songs, some joyful and some pitying, and some that I wish I never sang. These days I try to be more conscious in my choices. I choose to sing peaceful, joyful, radiant songs. When I walk down the street, I want to make it a better place for myself and everyone else. I sing songs of friendship with the words that I speak. I sing songs of strength putting action to my words. I sing songs of humility when I learn that I am wrong. I sing songs of forgiveness when I am wronged. I hope I always sing songs of love and healing.

I am a healer, a teacher, a poet, and a singer of songs. My life is the symphonic vibration of my emotions, thoughts, words and actions. Each day I add a new movement to my symphony. I hope when I get to the end of my life I will like what I created. I hope I won’t crescendo too early. I really hope the end is not in a minor key. I hope my symphony is beautiful, even if it has tragic moments. I hope I will have made the kind of music that people want to remember. 

When I leave this earth plane, I want to know that the vibrational patterns I created added love to this world. I want to look back and know that I hummed along in a way that added magnificent light to the human song, and blended brilliantly with all other songs. I believe there is no one, but all are one, and in being one we create the world together. I want to walk with you in golden sunlight, peace radiating over us, joy rising within us, harmonizing our soul songs as we hum along together.